15 attempts to make a film to misunderstand an artist  to look at the world without preconceptions

Suchan Kinoshita is an internationally well-known Dutch artist with German/Japanese roots. She is fascinated by not-understanding something and by letting go of expectations. She sais: “Understanding something is overrated, we better take not-understanding as a starting point to have a relationship with the things around us.” Filmmaker and artist make this film, or rather, make ’15 attempts’, bearing this attitude in mind. During these humorous ventures in the European capital of Brussels, the inhabitants of Brussels and the filmmaker herself become part of the exploration of Suchan, because  ‘concrete poetry is that which is right in front of you.’ Each attempt gets closer to the core of Kinoshita’s work: that the confusion these attempts lead to allows room for a surprising new view on existence. A daring, playful and unpredictable film, a piece of art in itself.

Dutch title: 15 POGINGEN

Suchan Kinoshita in a film by Aliona van der Horst

camera/editing with Maasja Ooms, sound Rik Mijer, produced by De Familie, broadcasted by HUMAN

Dutch Press about ’15 attempts‘The ultimate portrait of an artist, with hilarious moments. One of the best documentaries of IDFA 2013’  J.P. Ekker