Recreating six square meters - my room in the house

When my cousin tried to throw all the things out of the house, I managed to collect some stuff and ship it to Amsterdam. Two suitcases filled with clothes, old newspapers, wallpaper, little unidentifiable things. And now I got this great opportunity to work with Chika Watanabe, a Japanese artist based in Amsterdam to recreate / make a new room of six square meters. It's going to be in filmtheatre Rialto in Amsterdam and is not something only to look at but also to sit in and make yourself comfortable. It makes me happy to do this project, to have a small Russian room there, not to throw away those things that have been kept for so long. Makes me sentimental, I know. Chika made some sketches for it. It's going to be in Rialto from 5 of October 2017. Just when the film will be released. Here you can see other interesting work of Chika: